Hello everyone, I am Papiya Paul, just another person in this vast world who is passionate about travel, visit new places, revisit places I have been, learning about the history and culture of places I visit. I am fascinated by how beautiful our world is and there is so much to see and learn.

We waste so much of our lifetime just planning to do things and I am obviously one of them. So as my humble attempt to turn some of my plans to actions, this website is a result of that.

In the words of Lao Tzu – “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” Nicely said, right?

Well, I too started with that step, continuing to do so with further small steps and sharing my travel experiences through these pages with all the interested people. 

I’ve visited only 37 countries till now. 

Still so much more to explore in our beautiful world…

My website does not have that professional look because I am still learning the tricks on how things work and trying to put everything together. I wanted to do this on my own out of personal interest, my passion for travelling and also my enthusiasm for learning something new. 

Any feedback and encouragement is most welcome. Thank you very much for visiting my website and let us travel some places together, remembering the wonderful memories or in anticipation.